Dr. Greene is a Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist. In 2002, he completed his forensic training at the Department of Forensic Psychiatry at the University of California, Davis, widely recognized among the nation’s premier Forensic Psychiatry training programs. At UC Davis, he received extensive exposure to all aspects of Psychiatry and the Law. His training included development of skills relating to the objective assessment of individuals in the legal setting, in comprehensive report writing, and in effective testimony.


Since completing his training, Dr. Greene has evaluated hundreds of individuals in the Bay Area and outside the State of California regarding criminal and civil issues. He has provided expert advice, evaluation of individuals in criminal and civil settings, and courtroom testimony. He has testified in greater than one hundred cases for the court, and in greater than one hundred depositions. He is regularly asked to evaluate individuals for criminal issues, civil issues, issues regarding family matters, fitness-for-duty and disability evaluations, and risk of violence in the workplace.


Dr. Greene is an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at the Stanford University Department of Psychiatry, and teaches topics regarding Forensic Psychiatry to residents in the General Psychiatry residency. He is regularly asked to speak for groups in the Bay Area regarding the interface between psychiatry and the law.


Please call Dr. Greene’s office for consultation, or for answers to any legal questions related to mental illness.

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